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What happens after the Apocalypse is over?  A group of doctors and adventures leave the last city on the Earth to reclaim the world.  Five page sample of a sci-fi adventure story.

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Two young friends discover there is a lot more to the universe and to their house than they imagined.  Thirty-two page young adult adventure story.  

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Veteran's Story

A veteran serves his country and learns how to deal with life when he comes home.  Four page story in the anthology, "When I Returned."  Written by Andrew Legasse.

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Mad Jack

The only person with a confirmed kill with a longbow in the 20th century, Jack Churchill fought on his own terms.  Twenty-four page action/drama comic based on the real life story of Captain Churchill's exploits in World War II.

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Nomad Press has published many books to enrich the minds of the next generation.  Included are the highlights of my work with them.  All images are copyright of Nomad Press. 

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These illustrations are from the following books and are available at Amazon.com.


-Climate Change

-Video Games

-Greek Myths

-Canals and Dams



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This is for re-blogs of my favorite artists and the best of what I find online. 

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